your blue ridge adventure awaits

Enjoy the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

Located in North Georgia, the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway runs through some of the most beautiful parts of Georgia’s countryside, featuring lush green fields, flowing rivers and majestic mountains that can be seen from train windows. The journey takes passengers on a four-hour round-trip ride and features many points of interest along the way, including tunnels, bridges, waterfalls and panoramic views. From the train, you can also see wildlife such as birds, deer, and wild turkey.

Riders can choose from vintage, climate-controlled cars or open-air rail cars for their 26-mile journey along the Toccoa River. This journey embarks on a scenic path through lush Appalachian foothills and verdant rolling farmlands that can only be surpassed by memory alone. During a two-hour layover, riders will have time to visit McCaysville, Georgia and Copperhill, Tennessee, sister towns located on each side of Blue Ridge, Georgia’s state line, also referred to as “The Blue Line.” Here, guests can enjoy the unique opportunity of straddling the state line and having a foot each in Georgia and Tennessee simultaneously.

Toccoa-Ocoee Street is a must-visit area where guests can explore eateries, antique shopping, and art galleries before boarding the train for the hour-long return to the train depot.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind birthday party, family reunion, meeting or corporate event? The private climate-controlled caboose car can accommodate up to 10 riders with seats on the main level and on the cupola. Featuring two opening windows, a private bathroom, heat, and open-air vestibules at each end for unobstructed viewing, the caboose provides the perfect atmosphere for any intimate gathering between friends, family, or coworkers!

Become a part of countless generations of riders who have journeyed Georgia’s Blue Ridge Scenic Railway before you, creating vivid tales along the way. See and feel why stories of the depth and beauty of this route have been told for generations, each adding their experiences to those before them. For more information on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, or to purchase tickets, click here.